Kia Oil Change Service

We are among the top providers of Kia oil changes in Freehold.

Oil Change Services in Freehold, NJ

If you have a Kia vehicle and are in need of an oil change or any number of services for it, look no further than Raceway Kia of Freehold. We are among the top providers of Kia oil changes in Freehold. You’re sure to be pleased by the level of professionalism and care that you find at our auto service shop. If you’re not already familiar with what an oil change is, now is the time to learn. This is something you should have done for your automobile on a frequent basis, either during routine maintenance checks or on their own. The old oil is flushed out of the system, and then new oil is placed into your car’s system.

Oil Changes Services

  • Full Synthetic – Fully synthetic engine oil lasts considerably longer than conventional oil; it also keeps your engine cleaner and flows better in both hot and cold conditions.
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  • Conventional – Made from refined crude oil, conventional engine oil keeps your engine’s moving metal components lubricated so that they will not be damaged by friction.
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  • Semi-Synthetic – This special blend of conventional and synthetic oil can provide some of the benefits of both: it’s less expensive than full synthetic oil, but keeps your engine cleaner than conventional.
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  • Diesel – If your vehicle has a diesel engine, it will require a special oil that has a different viscosity than oil meant for gas engines, as well as additional anti-wear additives.

Why Getting Oil Changes Is Important

You should plan to have your oil changed between 4 to 5 times per year. It’s ideal to get this done as seasons change so that you don’t forget and end up stuck in a tough situation. This is specific advice for conventional oil, though you’ll want to always follow instructions given in the manufacturer’s guide for your vehicle.


What May Happen If You Don’t Get an Oil Change

Don’t wait if you know your engine has been running hard and you drive the car hard or have a long commute. This means it should be taken in more often for an oil change due to the fact that the oil tends to get dirty more quickly and it will lose the cleaning and lubricating properties. If you wait on having your car’s oil changed, it can affect how it runs. The engine will have trouble and it can affect other systems. This can lead to poor handling and costly repairs or replacements if it goes on for long enough.

Kia Oil Change Services

Professional Oil Change Service from Raceway Kia

When you stop in to get your Kia an oil change at Raceway Kia of Freehold, you can relax in the waiting area with complimentary snacks, coffee, and watch the TV. Before you stop in you can tour the dealership in full 3D online. There are many other reasons we’re the #1 Kia Dealer Group in the Northeast, including our certified technicians and that it’s run by a 4th generation auto dealer. Trust in Raceway Kia for your conventional, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic oil needs. We’ll make it possible for you to get back on the road at excellent performance in no time.

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