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There’s no other manufacturer in the entire industry who has worked harder at making their customers’ lives easier than Kia. Whether it’s offering vehicles at a competitive price that underbids the competition, continuously improving upon its safety features and performance, or offering the best warranties across the entire industry, Kia is always pushing the limits. Just like the brand we represent, Raceway Kia strives to make our customers' lives easier, whether you are from right down the road from us here is Freehold or 30 minutes down NJ-33 W in Neptune City.

At Raceway Kia, we believe in living up to our name, as we always want to cross the finish line first in offering the best customer service. More than that, we believe in being the best Neptune City Kia dealer and the only one you’ll want to do business with. To this end, Raceway Kia is proud to offer customer-oriented services like the Pit Stop Advantage directly to you. Going above and beyond just selling you a car is what we do best, and if you make the drive from Neptune City, you'll be able to see just how good we are.

A white 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid is shown driving on a city street after leaving a Neptune City Kia dealer.

What Is the Pit Stop Advantage?

You might be wondering just what the Pit Stop Advantage is. The Pit Stop Advantage is quite possibly the most immersive and all-encompassing package of customer service that’s ever been put into action. Exclusively at Raceway dealerships, this package not only looks after you when you’re on the road but keeps your Kia in pristine shape. So, what does the Pit Stop Advantage include?

  • A New Way to Test Drive: The test drive is the “make-or-break” moment whenever you’re looking at a vehicle to purchase. With the Pit Stop Advantage, the test drive has gone where it’s never gone before with the 24-hour no-obligation test drive. Make sure your new vehicle fits into the life you live and is up to your standards. If you do purchase a vehicle from Raceway Kia and decide it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, bring it back within a three-day period and choose a new one, no questions asked. Yes, it’s that simple.
  • What To Expect When the Unexpected Occurs: When the unexpected decides to come your way, the Pit Stop Advantage is there to give you a leg up. You’ll be ready with roadside assistance for a period of five years/60,000 miles. And you no longer have to be worried about being sidelined for a considerable length of time when your car is in the shop, thanks to free loaner cars and shuttle service. Time waits for no one, and this is one way you can avoid having to play catch up.
  • Routine Maintenance That’s Anything But Routine: As we all know, routine maintenance is how a car stays on the road and running like a Swiss watch. Like so many others, you probably have a lot on your plate, and getting the necessary oil change and tire rotation might be the last thing on your mind. The Pit Stop Advantage makes routine maintenance easy, convenient, and will help you save a few extra pennies. With the Pit Stop Advantage, you’ll have a one year Kia maintenance plan for all new Kia's sold, complimentary tire alignment checks and 160-point safety inspections, and free car washes for life. This is the difference that Raceway Kia offers, customer service that defies expectations.

A close up shows the driver side taillight on a red 2022 Kia Stinger.

A Diverse Inventory and Warranties

Aside from offering the very best customer care in the form of the Pit Stop Advantage, it's hard to beat our diverse inventory. The first thing you’ll notice once you step foot on our lot is our expansive inventory. Not only do we carry the entirety of the current Kia fleet, but you’ll also find plenty of used models from Kia and a variety of other manufacturers. Naturally, you’ll also find plenty of models from Kia’s CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) program, which is one of the best in the industry. Much of this is due to Kia providing the best warranties within the entire industry as a whole, making ownership of one very advantageous.

New Kia Warranties

With any new vehicle, you can expect to have some coverage. However, Kia has an industry-leading warranty program for its new vehicles. When you buy a new Kia, you'll enjoy:

  • 10-Year/100,000-Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty: The leading warranty throughout the industry, Kia’s powertrain coverage speaks to its commitment to its customers. For this lengthy duration, Kia will cover your engine, transmission, axels, as well as your driveshaft.
  • 5-Year/60,000-Mile Limited Basic Warranty: The basic bumper-to-bumper warranty covers faults to your vehicle as a result of manufacturer error.
  • 5-Year/100,000-Mile Limited Anti-Perforation Warranty: In order to protect your vehicle from the onset of corrosion, Kia offers this warranty as an optional package. It covers corrosion and perforation on the body panels of the exterior of your vehicle.
  • 5-Year/60,000-Mile Roadside Assistance Plan: When you find yourself stranded because of a flat, dead battery, no gas, or other problems, roadside assistance is there.

CPO Warranty Coverage

Perhaps you don't want, or can't afford, a new Kia but want your used model to still have some protections. That's where the Certified Pre-Owned program, with its own set of warranties, comes in. With a CPO Kia, there are incentives and warranty coverage that provide you with the necessary peace of mind when you’re on the open road.

  • Only a Select Few: Not every used Kia can qualify for the CPO program. In order to be considered, a vehicle must be no older than four years and must have less than 60,000 miles.
  • 10-Year/100,000-Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty: Much like their newer counterparts, a CPO Kia has its powertrain covered for manufacturing defects. Just keep in mind that this coverage period starts when the vehicle was purchased new.
  • 1-Year/12,000-Mile Comprehensive Platinum Coverage: You will also receive a period of Platinum Coverage covering many other components in your vehicle that don't fall under the powertrain warranty. This coverage starts on the date and mileage of the CPO vehicle purchase.
  • 10-Year/Unlimited-Mile Roadside Assistance: This 24-hour service includes the same roadside assistance benefits as the one you get when you buy new.

Any CPO Kia you purchase also comes with a 90-day trial of SiriusXM and has undergone a 164-point inspection to ensure that it’s of sound quality.

A blue 2022 Kia Carnival MPV is shown parked in a dirt lot.

We’re Your Friends When It Comes to Financing

A common misconception that many drivers have is that car ownership, particularly new car ownership, is out of their price range. Well, we're here to tell you that might not be the case, and our finance team is ready to help. If you’re in a position where you need financing, we’re more than happy to help, whether that means finding an excellent lease offer or a solid loan. We work with tons of lenders, so we can do our best to find you a great deal no matter what your credit history looks like. We want you to be able to get a vehicle you love, and that's why our team will put in the extra effort to ensure that your finances line up with that goal.

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