Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winter is coming, but is your car ready? Freezing temperatures make it harder for your engine to function at optimal levels, which means you need to go out of your way to make sure it chugs along till spring. We’ll help you get started with a few important tips for winterizing your vehicle.

Invest in Snow Tires

Icy roads are the bane of winter drivers. To ensure you’ve got enough traction to maintain a safe drive, invest in snow tires. These winter-friendly tires help you avoid skidding over slick pavement, so you can keep from losing control over your ride or causing an accident. You can take this a step further and invest in a separate set of tire rims, so there’s no need to remount your tires every time the season changes. Stop by the Raceway Service department for a set of traction-enhancing snow tires.

Consider a Winter-Friendly Oil Change

Winter temperatures can have a thickening effect on your car’s oil supply. To ensure proper circulation, especially in an older vehicle, some engines may benefit from thinner oil. Check with your service tech to make sure you’ve got the right type of oil to weather the stormy season.

Winter Tires

Check Your Battery

There’s no good way to know how long your battery will last, and cold temperatures can even have a mitigating effect on overall battery power. Avoid the need for a jumpstart and head to your service department to have your battery tested. If your battery is past the three-year mark, the battery test isn’t optional. Subzero winds and a car that won’t start are never a pleasant mix.

Verify Belts and Hoses Are in Good Working Order

Before the ground freezes over, make sure your vehicle’s belts and hoses are at the top of their game. Although modern cars are built to last, that doesn’t mean these parts don’t need to be replaced occasionally. Can’t tell a belt from a hose? Your friendly service professionals will be happy to give your system the once-over to help keep you from breaking down in the middle of a snowstorm.

Check Antifreeze Levels and Mixture

Make sure your engine has enough coolant to get through the winter without freezing. In addition to verifying proper coolant levels, it’s a good idea to have your coolant mixture tested for optimal performance. Stop by the Raceway service department for a quick antifreeze test. That way, you won’t spend all season worrying about what exactly is in your radiator.