Kia Lease Deals NJ

Kia Lease Deals NJ

Kia Lease Deals NJ

To enjoy all of the benefits of a new car without the high APR that comes with a bank loan, Kia lease deals are an excellent option. When you sign a lease agreement, you can drive a brand new Kia for a few years. At the end of that agreement, you can sign a new lease on another brand new Kia. Leasing is a great way to enjoy all the latest in new-car technology and skip out on costly repairs that come with owning an older car. Read on to discover how Kia lease deals can work for you.

Kia Lease Deals in NJ

Throughout the year, Kia offers various lease deals for different Kia models, often tailored to your specific region. For example, qualified drivers might be able to lease a 2018 Forte for $129 per month for 24 months. If you prefer the high-performance speed of a Kia Stinger, you could lease one for $299 a month for 36 months. The Kia Soul can be had for $179 a month, giving you an excellent deal on a roomy cabin and sporty ride. These deals change from month to month, so if you find one that you like make sure you take advantage of it. You may not find another one just like it again!

Save Money with a Kia Lease

Whatever Kia model speaks to you – be it car, crossover, or van – you can save money by leasing a new Kia model. Leasing is the perfect option for drivers who want to make a low monthly payment. Part of that is because, with a lease, you’re not paying for the entire purchase price of the vehicle. Instead, you’re paying for the opportunity to use and drive it for a period of time–which gives you the ability to save your money and still get a brand new vehicle. Best of all, after a few years in one Kia model, you can return it and replace it with another brand new Kia.

Stay on the Cutting-Edge

When you lease, you have continual access to all the latest and greatest in infotainment and safety technology. For example, current Kias offer complete smartphone integration via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technology. You can access apps like Music, Maps, and Messages directly on your central touchscreen, so you can stay connected without looking away from traffic. Kia’s modern safety systems, such as the forward collision mitigation system, actively help you avoid danger. Another benefit of being able to swap out vehicles every two to three years is not having to wait to embrace new technology.

Enjoy a Dependable Ride and Warranty Coverage

One of the best parts about leasing, aside from the low monthly payments, is that you can avoid the costs associated with an older vehicle. As a car ages, the occasional breakdown is inevitable and so are repair bills, which are especially annoying when you’re still paying a car payment. But a lease means that you’ll never drive an aging car. During your lease, you’ll likely stay within the bounds of Kia’s excellent warranty coverage, including a 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty, giving you even more peace of mind. All you’ll be responsible for is routine maintenance–oil changes, brakes, tire rotations and changes–without having to worry about other, potentially large repair costs.