The Best Way To Sell Your Vehicle

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Easy As Can Be

It can be stressful when you have a vehicle to sell, especially when you decide to sell it privately through various means. The simple answer is that no matter how you go about selling a vehicle, a dealership is going to provide the easiest way to do exactly that. For instance, we at Raceway Kia provide many services, including cash trade-ins, so if you’re around Freehold, NJ, we can assure you can sell us your car effortlessly. There are plenty of advantages to why anybody selling a used vehicle should work alongside a dealership and avoid the potential troubles normally found with private selling.

What private selling means is posting the sale yourself and searching for a buyer. This is typically done through various forms of social networking such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist, to name a few. There are, of course, some advantages to these methods but there are simply too many disadvantages, making it much harder to recommend. This is especially true if you’re selling the vehicle in a time-sensitive situation, you may be disappointed with the results. It’s a simple ideology, working alongside a dealership to sell your old vehicle eliminates much of the heavy-lifting involved in such a process for you.

Why Not Marketplace?

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Simply speaking, the best part about working with a dealership is the elimination of marketplace posting, as it can be a world of stress and struggle. Let’s say you have a vehicle to sell, and you’re willing to make a post online with photos, price, everything. That’s a good start, but it’s only the beginning. Next to occur is a staggering amount of research into the vehicle you’re selling, as it makes sense you don’t want to lose money in the process by posting a much lower price than it’s worth.

From here, it becomes increasingly difficult to calculate the price of your vehicle with any deductions due to factors such as mileage, age, etc. Comparing your asking price with others who are selling a similar type of vehicle is typically involved, and you can feel obligated to post at a lower cost; this just adds unnecessary competition to an already saturated market.

After that’s all done, you will be faced with arguably the hardest challenge when it comes to marketplace selling, the buyer. There are certainly legitimate buyers out there who will make an offer or even accept your asking price in the best-case scenario, but that doesn’t occur as often as you’d think. What typically does happen is a barrage of messages from people who possess the mentality that they’re smarter than you, and will try to cut you a “deal” of sorts. These are the worst types of buyers, and they show up often.

It’s also not uncommon for someone selling their vehicle on a marketplace to receive no messages for a lengthy amount of time. What this results in are two things. First, this requires yet another post of the same vehicle to “bump” the relevancy of the post itself. Second, the vehicle you’re selling can still be in your driveway, literally weeks after your initial thought of selling it. With a dealership, this is simply not an issue as you’ll typically be given a proper cash value the exact same day, meaning you’ll have more time to spend since you won’t be responding to constant marketplace messages and most importantly, more cash in your pocket.

Posting a vehicle for sale on a marketplace is also not a secure process, especially if you’re selling the vehicle from your home. It’s generally unsettling to have a stranger come visit you at your home for many reasons, so the process of selling your car to a dealership is ultimately a safer route. This often goes forgotten by many people who post anything for sale to an online marketplace and become much too trusting, which can ultimately be very risky. This is why many people opt to meet at a public location when working with online marketplaces, but it isn’t as simple when selling a vehicle. This process is very streamlined when you are selling to a dealership, and a staff member can assess your trade-in.

Ultimately, the process of taking a vehicle to your local dealership and inquiring about trade-ins is incredibly faster than any other method. Within 30-minutes, chances are you’ll have a quote which you may accept or even decline if you so desire. The fact of the matter is, dealerships such as ours handle all of the logistics, making the process as easy as can be.

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The Seller’s Responsibility

When you sell your vehicle to an individual opposed to a dealership, this means they will most likely know a majority of your info, including your name, phone number, or even address. In the event that something goes wrong and the vehicle malfunctions after the sale, you will most likely hear from the buyer who can then accuse you of falsified information on your posting although the vehicle worked perfectly when you sold it. Depending on the state you live in, this may or may not be your legal responsibility. Whether or not the post is considered fraudulent is dependent on whether or not you have made false statements about the vehicle you’re selling. Opinions don’t carry legal weight, so fraud is a deliberate action, but buyers are typically wary of sellers for this reason. Private sellers should never go out of their way to offer a warranty or guarantee of sorts, as they’re unlikely to have the means necessary for repair, so it’s better for a seller to not mention any form of guarantees for the avoidance of legal repercussions.

Trading in your vehicle to a dealership means you won’t have to worry about hearing back from anybody, once the sale is commenced, you will no longer have to stress about it. With a trade-in, you can get cash, and with this cash, you may do whatever you please, whether it’s going towards a new vehicle for yourself, or simply anything else. The dealership will have no reason to contact you once the transaction is complete unless they found something you left under a seat, marking another reason why it’s much less stress-inducing.

Dealerships Are Key

Living in the digital age, it makes sense that you may be interested in using the likes of Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but truth be told, it’s just extra stress that you don’t need. There is a lot of responsibility when it comes to being a private seller for anything and when it comes to selling something, you typically want to get the transaction over with. The time and effort required to post a vehicle for sale, especially a nice looking post with detail, is significantly higher compared to the quick and seamless trade-in process found at a majority of dealerships.

Usually, when purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, they’ll inquire about a possible trade-in, which can ultimately help you purchase a new vehicle at a reduced cost whereas selling through a private marketplace, there will be no such deal. Considering most dealerships such as ours at Raceway Kia offer cash for trade-ins, there are no real negatives when it comes to the process, and we welcome you to bring us your trade-ins. We are located at 4044 U.S. 9, Freehold, New Jersey, and will assist you in the swift and effortless process of dealership trade-ins and welcome you to come on by.

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