The Best Golf Courses in Eatontown, New Jersey

November 15th, 2019 by

A couple is walking on one of the best local Eatontown Golf Courses on a sunny day.

Eatontown isn’t the biggest city or most famous city in New Jersey, but it doesn’t have to be to have plenty of bang for your entertainment buck within the city limits. If you’re on the lookout for leisure activities, Eatontown has plenty of things to keep you busy. It doesn’t matter if you want some food or some fun… Eatontown’s got something for you, from great restaurants to fantastic public parks and wooded trails, and of course, golf courses. 

Eatontown is pretty much a bedroom community, but it has a whopping three golf courses in its immediate area, both in town and in neighboring Tinton Falls. Which is great, because that means you can pick and choose from the list of golf courses and get exactly the golf experience you want. At Raceway Kia, we are proud supporters of our golfers, and some of us drive to Eatontown to play a round with our friends during our free time. 

Our list of the top three golf courses in Eatontown and the surrounding area runs the gamut from traditional golf courses with their manicured grass and carefully cultivated courses all the way to one of the best golf simulator establishment in New England (because the game of golf might be hundreds of years old, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it alongside modern technology, does it?).

So if you’re a longtime golf aficionado, you’re a beginner looking for lessons… Or even if you’re completely new to the game, we’re going to give you all the details on the best golf courses in and around Eatontown. 

Suneagles Golf Course

If you know golf, and know Eatontown, then you know the historic 18-hole Suneagles Golf Course.  

With a course conceived by the renowned New Jersey golf course designer A.W. Tillinghast in 1926, Suneagles continues to provide a high-quality traditional golfing experience to grateful golfers in the Eatontown area.

Of course, Suneagles is a full-service 18-hole golf course, with everything from a gorgeous practice green, a chipping and driving range, a beautiful clubhouse nestled majestically above the lush green course, and a full-service restaurant that serves fantastic food. Basically, if you’re looking for challenging golfing Nirvana in a traditional outdoor setting among the wooded beauty that is New Jersey you’re going to want to look at Suneagles Golf Course.

Booking a tee time is easy with online reservations, usable from PC, or from your phone, so you can book on the go. Membership forms will be available online eventually, but for right now, you’ll need to call the facility for them.

What golfer doesn’t need new equipment? Suneagles provides patrons with the tools to tackle its challenges with an excellent pro shop. It’s filled to the brim with whatever you need to take your game to the next level. They carry all the major brands, so you can customize your equipment to your heart’s content.

Suneagles Golf Course offers much more than just excellent golfing opportunities… they have banquet facilities for private events, or maybe you want to take in a tournament or two. Whether you play as a member of the general public or want to become a more permanent part of the long and rich tradition of golf in Eatontown by becoming a member, all are welcome.

Golfing at Suneagles is golfing in history.

A porch view of a local golf course near Eatontown, NJ is shown.

Twin Brook at Tinton Falls 

It’s not exactly in Eatontown, but Twin Brook Golf Center at Tinton Falls is definitely in the Eatontown area and close enough to make it onto our list. And that’s good, because the golfing at Twin Brook is some of the best in the county.

Twin Brook is the Everyman of golf courses… It has literally everything a golfer could need. Twin Brook boasts an all-weather driving range with forty covered and heated stalls to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather. Which is great, because Twin Brook Golf Center is open year-round, and you know how things get in the winter.

Twin Brook doesn’t quite have the 24/7 ease of a golf simulator or the historical value of Suneagles, but it manages to occupy a very respectable place in between. Its 9-hole, par-3 course is easy enough for beginners not to get frustrated but can be challenging even for seasoned players. Women’s golf leagues regularly host there, and the course is built for a great short game, with beautifully manicured fairways and surrounding trees.

Twin Brook Golf Course doesn’t have a full-service restaurant, but it does have an excellent snack shop. It excels in teaching the art and science of golf. Hop into a group lesson, or a private session with a qualified golf instructor, and get a video analysis of your game so you can adjust your technique as you go.

But Twin Brook Golf Course is more than a great short-game course, it’s a family fun center, too. How fun?

Two words. Miniature. Golf.

That’s right, Twin Brook isn’t just a 9-hole golf course, it’s also home to an 18-hole championship-level miniature golf course. So if walking a course isn’t quite what you want, but you still want your golf fix, or if you’re looking to share your love of the sport with your entire family, Twin Brook has everything you need.


The last golf course on our top three list is the awesome GolfCave, and it’s a simulator. If you’re wondering why we’ve included a simulator on a list of golf courses… Well, it’s simple.

Golf isn’t just a walk across some grass while hitting a ball, it’s an art and science in and of itself. Hitting the ball is half of the fun. The other half is in improving your stance and your swing to work with the course you’re on, and that’s where a simulator can help.

You don’t need a lot of space to practice your swing (if you’ve ever seen an 80’s movie with a tycoon in his office practicing his putts, you’ll know what we mean). And you also don’t need other golfers watching (and judging) your performance.

Which is why GolfCave is so popular among all levels of golfers. You can take some time on the virtual driving range in the privacy of your own Cave, or you can play over 100 virtual courses. And unlike a traditional outdoor golf course, you never have to worry about getting rained out, sunburned, or bitten by mosquitoes.

Three friends are putting at the GolfCave in Eastontown, NJ golf course.

Like a normal golf course, you do need to book a tee time. But that’s where the similarities end (other than, you know, the need for golf clubs).

For starters, GolfCave is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to its members. What municipal golf course can say that? How about leather recliners? Because when you book a private Cave at GolfCave, that’s what’s in your private room.

Well, not just that. There’s also a minifridge if you want to bring something to eat or drink (yes, alcohol is allowed), and a large flatscreen TV. You know, so you have something to do while you’re waiting for your turn at the tee.

GolfCave isn’t just about the amenities, it’s definitely about the game, and the staff and facility are there to help you improve. GolfCave uses TrackMan indoor golf simulators, the best on the market. The hyper-accurate tracking and shot analysis will help you improve your game every single time you play. It’s like having a golf coach with you every session.

GolfCave doesn’t just offer simulator access. They also run a golf academy and provide space for events and company parties. Rates are reasonable by the hour, but to really get your money’s worth, go for the monthly membership. Members also receive an electronic key that lets them access the facilities at any time of the day, any time of the year.

If you’re a golf aficionado, being able to play whenever your schedule allows sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

What Are You Waiting For?

Golf is a great sport that’s accessible to everyone, whether you want membership in a club or you want to play a la carte on occasion. Eatontown certainly doesn’t lack for golfing opportunities, either. If you want a great recreational short game, a fun and informative scientific session, or to take your place alongside the golfing greats on a historical course, Eatontown and its surrounding areas have a course for you.