The Best Eateries Around New Brunswick

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The skyline is shown at sunset in New Brunswick, NJ.

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New Brunswick is a city with a vibrant history that stems back over a hundred years before the founding of the United States. Today, New Brunswick is home to hundreds of thousands of people and is brimming with culture. However, it dates all the way back to an early settlement in 1681. It wasn’t until the year 1714 when New Brunswick was given its name and it would later become a bustling city that was even occupied by British forced during the Revolutionary War. As one of the first cities to be established in America, it has always had significance and is an excellent spot for tourists due to its importance in our country’s history.

If you find yourself in this beautiful city, you’ll find plenty to do, whether you’re enjoying a slice of nature at Rutgers Gardens or attending a live performance at a theater, among other fun activities. One of the greatest aspects of this city is the food that you can eat at one of New Brunswick’s excellent restaurants. New Jersey is a state that knows good food and is home to many fantastic dining experiences that will cater to any occasion or palate. Whether you’re feeling like a quick bite to eat at a local Mexican eatery, or maybe you prefer a sit-down fine-dining steak house, you’ll find it here in New Brunswick.

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Take-Out And Dine-In

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican cuisine for either take-out or a sit-down experience, look no further than Tacoria in New Brunswick. This local eatery has five locations situated throughout New Jersey and offers high-quality tacos, burritos, and so much more. Tacoria is one of the highest-rated eateries in the entire New Brunswick area, and for good reason as one bite of a fresh taco is all you need to get hooked. In addition to the classic taco toppings such as cilantro, salsa, and onions, Tacoria’s usage of cotija cheese is nothing short of delectable.

Tacos can be filled with an array of different protein choices, including chorizo, pollo tinga, and a fan-favorite, carne asada. Tacoria is also well known for its burritos, and its highly-popular Viva La Nachos made with escabeche peppers is perfect if you’re sharing with a friend. A dish that may catch some by surprise is the Nutella Nachos, which will satisfy any sweet tooth. These chips have been coated in cinnamon and sugar before having Nutella poured over the dish, and it’s as tasty as it sounds.

The way Tacoria has your order is by first selecting a dish from a list, and then you’ll have the freedom to customize your dish with a protein of your choosing. In addition to the standard affair, Tacoria also offers a vegan menu that sees the aforementioned classics such as tacos, burritos, and the Viva La Nachos. Vegan proteins include the likes of Brussels sprouts, avocado, and more. Appetizers are available and include homemade chips and guacamole along with a plate of fried avocado and the highly recommendable Mexican Street Corn.

Those with little ones in the family can bring them along, as Tacoria is family-friendly with an accompanying kids menu featuring plenty of delicious dishes that kids will love. Not only is Tacoria a great place for both take-out and dine-in experiences, but if you’re having a party, you can also rely on Tacoria for catering.

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A Classic Steakhouse

Steakhouse 85 is the best place to get a prime cut if you’re looking for some of the highest-quality steaks around. For that traditional steak house setting coupled with a contemporary aesthetic, there’s no place quite like Steakhouse 85. Although this eatery provides take-out, the best experience is found within the restaurant itself. This restaurant is a local favorite and is beloved by many residents in New Brunswick. One way, in particular, Steakhouse 85 boosts the vibe is by hosting jazz musicians who will play you a show while you enjoy your meal.

You can also browse through an extensive catalog of drinks to go alongside your dinner, including a wide list of beer either on draft or in bottles. The selection of draft beers includes IPAs, lagers, and stouts from breweries located in New Jersey throughout New England. If your pallet isn’t calling for beer and would rather a tasty cocktail, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Steakhouse 85 offers an array to choose from.

Whether you’re interested in something fruity like a Pineapple Cosmopolitan, or maybe something more traditional such as a Cedar Smoked Manhattan that includes 10-year old scotch, you’ll find it here. Understandably, if you’d prefer a glass of wine with your dinner, then Steakhouse 85 has got you covered with an incredible list of available wines from all over the world. Wine enthusiasts will surely find plenty to enjoy during their visit to this culinary hotspot.

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to drink, you may then order one of the available appetizers that include a surf or turf selection. Among the seafood appetizers, you can order fried calamari, cilantro lime shrimp, shrimp cocktails, and more. Appetizers other than seafood include applewood smoked bacon and a selection of soups such as homemade lobster bisque or a salad like the Honeycrisp apple salad. Much like the available appetizers, the entree dishes also feature delectable seafood along with poultry, beef, and pork. If you’re interested in getting the best of both worlds, then we recommend ordering the surf and turf which couples a fresh lobster tail with a filet mignon cooked to your liking.

Should you desire a seafood entree, you’ll have delicious options to select from, including pistachio encrusted salmon, crab-stuffed shrimp, and the fan-favorite day boat sea scallops. As you can imagine, a steakhouse of this quality has some of the very best steaks around, including filet mignon, cowboy ribeye, sirloin, dry-aged strip steak, and much more. If you’re interested in any other meats that Steakhouse 85 cooks up, then we recommend going for the roasted chicken breast or the free-range pork chop. All of these delicious dishes can then be complemented by a sauce and a side dish. Simply put, if you’re looking for fine dining in the New Brunswick area, you can’t do much better than Steakhouse 85.

Exploring The City

Tacoria and Steakhouse 85 serve as a brief glimpse into the fantastic cuisine that you will find in New Brunswick. A vibrant sense of culture is to be expected from a city with such a long history, and this is best seen through the various eateries located throughout the city. Next time you’re in New Brunswick, be sure to visit these restaurants for some of the very best dishes in the entire city. However, the decision may not be as easy as it seems between Tacoria and Steakhouse 85 as there are several high-quality restaurants in between the two. Overall, New Brunswick gives visitors and residents alike a decent amount of choice, and you can easily fulfill any craving that you have. Regardless of which establishment you wish to eat dinner at, you’ll be pleased with the experience and will forever remember your time spent there.

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