Best Kia Cars for Old Bridge

Best Kia Cars for Old Bridge

As a commuter town, Old Bridge, New Jersey is home to a wide range of drivers. Our proximity to Newark and New York is a big draw for up-and-comers in need of a backyard. Of course, if you work in town, you might be looking for something else altogether out of a car. Check out our local buying guide to figure out which Kia car is right for your lifestyle.

2018 Kia Cadenza


This full-size sedan has wide-ranging appeal. Its roomy cabin and standard luxury features – like leather upholstery, heated seats, and complete smartphone integration technology – wrap you in comfort, no matter how bad the traffic is on the Jersey Turnpike. But the Cadenza is equally adept at around-town driving. The Cadenza is smooth and controlled, so you can swing through the school drop-off line and hit the grocery store in style. Winter-friendly features, like heated mirrors and heated seats, are exactly what you need during the snowy season. The Cadenza’s keyless entry and ignition features help you jump into the cozy cabin and out of the cold.

2018 Kia Optima


The mid-size Optima is an excellent value proposition. In addition to its thrifty price tag, it’ll also get you to your Newark office with fuel to spare. The Optima is EPA-rated for up to 28/37 mpg. If you want to do even better, check out the Optima hybrid, which boosts fuel savings with 39/46 mpg. However, the Optima is more than its thrifty commute. Inside, the cabin is spacious enough to be a family-friendly hauler. Your family trip to Seaside Heights and your favorite skiing resorts just got much more comfortable.

2018 Kia Rio


For the extra thrifty shopper, there’s the subcompact Kia Rio. In addition to its low price tag, the Rio also provides you with a frugal ride to work. This commuter-friendly model earns 29/37 mpg. In spite of its economical underpinnings, the Rio never makes you feel like you’re getting less than you bargained for. You’ll enjoy a smooth, responsive ride up Route 18 to the Jersey Turnpike. The Rio cabin is made up of high-quality materials, and you can add winter-friendly items like heated seats to keep you cozy during winter rush hour. When the humid summer hits, the Rio is equally adept at keep you comfy with its generous air conditioning.

2018 Kia Forte


Finally, there’s the Forte. This classic Kia is available as either as sedan or a hatchback. It, too, is a good choice for commuters, with EPA rations of up to 29/37 mpg. But, more than that, the Forte is roomy and comfortable, with options like heated seats and leather upholstery to give a little extra coziness to your rush-hour ride. Your coworkers will look forward to your turn in the carpool.