2017 Kia Sportage: Freehold, NJ

A blue 2018 Kia Sportage on a mountain road

2017 Kia Sportage

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Your family is growing up. You don’t necessarily need more seating, but you want a bigger car. A compact SUV would be the perfect solution—and the Kia Sportage will provide all that you will need.

When you first see a Sportage, you will notice the unique style. The perfect mix and balance of straight lines and curves give it a stylish look. The circular head lights contrast with the square quad fog lights. The top of the taillights and bottom of the side windows are straight but surrounded by curves to create a style that warrants a second look. The Sportage also has a black matte finish that surrounds the entire bottom border of the body going along the sideboards and over the wheels. This creates a lifted look and feel without having to lift it.

When you enter the Sportage, the two-toned dash and door interior and the stylish metal pedals provide the panache you’re looking for. The soft touch materials make sure you ride in comfort as well as style. The front seats are designed with a curved back to make more legroom in the back seat while still delivering in comfort and ergonomics for the front seat passengers. And as for cargo room, the Sportage’s dual level cargo floor and Smart Compartments make the storage space easy to organize and customize. The Cargo room can also be extended by way of the 60/40 split folding back row.

The Sportage is full of technology that you hope you’ll never use and some that you will use all the time. Autonomous Emergency Braking, which senses an imminent accident, and Blind Spot Detection, make sure that you and your passengers stay safe. The Park Assist will help you find a suitable space and will guide you into it. Inside, Apple Car Play or Android Auto connects your smart phone to your car. Through the touchscreen or by voice command, you can open your phone’s apps, send text messages, ask Siri, and so much more. Whether you use it or not, the Sportage’s technology encompasses the vehicle, both inside and outside.

Another piece of technology that helps keep everyone safe is the Dynamax All Wheel Drive system. The Dynamax system continually adjusts power and torque between wheels so that you have the best amount of traction for the condition you are driving in. It does this by continually transmitting information from the wheels to the electrical system to help adjust and anticipate AWD needs—instead of reacting to those needs. The thing that makes the Dynamax system work as well as it does is the engine options that come with the Sportage. The LX or EX version come with a 2.4 Liter engine to put out 181 horsepower while the SX gives you a 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine that produces a more powerful 240 horsepower. Either way, you get power and response that makes other compact SUVs jealous.


The Sportage, with its stylish look and interior, performance engine, and encompassing technology, provide all that a family or individual might need from a compact SUV.